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[07 Aug 2010|04:22am]
5 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

[06 May 2010|01:31pm]
Recent events have made me wake up feeling lonely for the 1st time in nearly 10 months.
prepare to be ravaged

[26 Jan 2010|03:16pm]
i'm stuck in utica getting my car fixed til 5ish.
at mr b's eating nachos. i am amazed at the music playing. its not terriable but just those songs i feel like i have never wanted to listen to but have been overloaded with them my whole life. i will keep track of them...
sugar ray: every morning,
the ymca song,
janet jackson: nasty boys,
the friends theme song,
rikki martin: livin the vida loca,
hungry like the wolf,
BNL: one week?,
and it goes on.
2 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

[15 Jan 2010|11:53pm]
hi. you're all a bunch of shitty friends as far as i'm concerned.

[16 Dec 2009|06:26pm]
haha i'm not getting any full screen ads! i win at life. and everything in it.
3 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

[06 Sep 2009|03:57pm]
I've realized Ferndale is the slightly less pretentious version of royal oak.
and maybe a little more gay.
prepare to be ravaged

[28 Aug 2009|11:59am]
I just ordered the complete series of strangers with candy off amazon. does anyone else in the world even like this show? or am I just going to have to force ashley to watch it all with me?
3 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

[22 Aug 2009|11:18pm]
the only thing that I ever get really excited for in my email is.......
40% off dvd box sets or books at borders! holy shit I am getting up early tomorrow before work just to buy some dvd box sets. yes!
prepare to be ravaged

[18 Aug 2009|08:45pm]
Does anyone have the cd '4 minute mile' by the get up kids? my copy was stolen 5 years ago and I really have been wanting to listen to it lately.

I atopped by rock a billys today and they didnt have it. but they had a button and the guy who was working gave it to me for freeee. It's little things like that that make my day, even though I still don't have the cd to listen too.
10 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

[16 Aug 2009|07:27pm]
Hi. let's hang out.
prepare to be ravaged

this is why the internet is stupid. [18 Jun 2009|10:25pm]
message from Rex's myspace:

From: xxSexy Vampiressxx
To: Rexxx

hey i think ur really cute and sweet. how bout me?? wanna get to no me better?? and i absolutely ADORE ur cat


From: Rexxx
To: xxSexy Vampiressxx



From: xxSexy Vampiressxx
To: Rexxx

1 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

[08 Jun 2009|03:22pm]
holy shit some things are just so frustrating.
prepare to be ravaged

[20 Apr 2009|02:16pm]
Not only has it been brought to my attention that I have a 'type' when it comes to girls, that since I don't date girls I just hire them instead. So if you want to see what my type of girl is just go to your local body arts and chat one up. Because they are awesome. and hotties.
3 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

[14 Apr 2009|01:20pm]
I cant sit here any longer. I am going crazy.
I am applying to volunteer at the detroit humane society and zoo.
the zoo should be fun, does anyone want to do it with me? If so go to the detroit zoo website and sign up, it's really easy. then we shall go to the orientation. so far I am going and so is Jeremy's sister.
I havent decided which programe I am going to sign up for but it's happening.
2 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

A fair warning: [02 Apr 2009|08:25pm]
don't ever date me. I am a crazy bitch.
4 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

[24 Feb 2009|11:31pm]
IKEA care instructions on website for mattresses:

care instructions
Do not wash.
Clean with upholstery shampoo.
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron.
Do not dryclean.
5 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

4 1/2 hours nonstop. fuck yeah! [02 Feb 2009|06:45pm]
it was 3 am. that's my excuse for shitty picture quality and looks of pure excitement.
2 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

gato malo! [15 Jan 2009|03:08pm]
gato malo

holy shit did anyone see which way that cougar went?!!
2 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

2008 was sweet. [31 Dec 2008|08:34pm]
only bad thing that happened in 2008 was my horse, Agro, died.
I've been devastated ever since he fell off that cliff. :(
1 &&&| prepare to be ravaged

[20 Dec 2008|10:12am]
2 weeks of retail hell. half over.
days are to long. stressed out. no likey.
need relief.
prepare to be ravaged

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